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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tidy House, Tidy Mind

One of my New Years resolutions was to do better at keeping my house clean and organised. Life gets busy, I get lazy and things can get a little bit chaotic.

Monday mornings are our trash days, so I take advantage of my "lazy Sundays" to skip the laziness and just tidy up the house. 

Mondays are crazy for me with University, and nothing makes a crappy Monday morning even crappier than waking up to a messy house that I know will be messy when I get home at 8pm after a 8 hour day of non-stop lectures.. and then I'll still have to make dinner.

Sundays are perfect to clean up, since I like to stay home and get things done anyway.

I wake up and get cleaning right away. Eating right after I wake up often makes me feel nauseous and lazy for the rest of the day, so I use those 30 minutes to get my living room looking tidy for the day, which will make me feel better overall.

1. Open all windows and air out the house
2. Collect any and all trash that's lying around, and get Ollie to take them downstairs
3. Wipe down kitchen counters, stove and tables
4. Hoover the lounge, corridor and bedroom carpet

Then I can sit down to eat, as I'm doing right now as I'm eating my Lucky Charms (an obscene £5 at Tesco, but I couldn't help myself yesterday).

Once Ollie and I are done with breakfast, I'll grab our plates and cutlery and throw them into the dishwasher with last night's crap... Turn on, and walk away.

At this point there's usually a huge pile of clothes on our bed (because I picked them up from the floor when hoovering)... so I'll sort them into colour piles, and start laundry.

Our washing machine takes a long time, so I get a good hour break in between each load to do whatever it is I feel like (after making the bed, wiping down mirrors, the toilet, bath and/or mopping the bathroom floor, washing my face, cleaning my make-up brushes and getting dressed... yikes). 

Today I'd like to be playing Sims 4, but I actually have an important presentation at Uni tomorrow.. so I have to get that done first.


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