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Welcome to my disclaimer page!

The purpose of this page is to clear up any issues regarding activity throughout my social media.

First of all, I'd really appreciate it if you could turn off ad block while browsing my blog. Ads help keep me afloat & able to dedicate time to creating the content that you're consuming.


Any and all photos I use are my own, unless stated otherwise. If you notice that I have forgotten to correctly source an image, I'd appreciate it if you would let me know privately by dropping me a message.

All blog posts are written by myself only. I do not host guest posts.

Sponsorships & Ads

I will always always disclose if a social media post (on the blog or otherwise) is sponsored, or if any items have been gifted to me. I reserve the right to state my true & honest opinions with every single brand I'm lucky to work with, and refuse sponsorships that are overly structured or require me to state false opinions.

I really value you and the fact that you are taking time out of your day to engage with my stuff and support me. Out of respect to you, I will never promote any product, brand or service that I don't truly support and believe in.

Contact Me

Links to all my social media are placed strategically around my blog. I do my best to reply to every message I receive, and I absolutely love chatting with my readers & viewers.

* My management's e-mail is for business enquiries only, so I would appreciate your co-operation in keeping it as de-cluttered as possible.

For business & PR, please head over to my Contact Page.
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